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Maximum returns

New equipment from SGM Magnetics has helped PSC Metals-Chattanooga increase its metals yield.

There is no time like a thriving market to remind a shredder operator that more metal recovered is better  for the bottom line.

PSC Metals took significant steps to increase the amount of metal recovered at its Chattanooga, Tenn., shredding operation in the spring of 2008, when it reconfigured its shredder’s downstream system.

The key additions to PSC’s new system were provided by SGM Magnetics  Corp.,  including  the  acquisition of five eddy current separators, including a fines line, sensor units to maximize the recovery of stainless steel  and DSRP units  that  recover iron and steel fines.

“We  run an array of SGM equipment: 80-inch, 60-inch and 40-inch eddy currents along with 96-inch sensor units,” says David Kerfeld, general manager of the PSC-Chattanooga region.

Kerfeld has high praise for SGM’s equipment and the knowledge and helpfulness of the company’s managing director Didier Haegelsteen. “We share a common goal: recover the metal units,” says Kerfeld.

“Working  with  SGM has been a great experience,” says Kerfeld. “So much of the credit for how well this system works has to go to Didier and his philosophy on technology, engineering and his dedication to customer service after  the sale and installation.  They have provided great support  through SGM’s  domestic sales and technical offices.”

The results in Chattanooga have been impressive, says Kerfeld. “Basi- cally, we have found a copper mine,” he states. Aluminum and stainless yields have also increased. “Now we’re producing three marketable siz- es of zorba and two sizes of zurik from this system.”

The DSRPs have also  increased the  ferrous  yield. “They  get  out  all the  ferrous  fines and oxides, which are marketable, and plus they allow the other equipment to operate to its maximum to  remove the  nonferrous metals,” says Kerfeld, who estimates the company’s metallics yield has in- creased from 5 to 8 percent.

“It  is absolutely eye-opening what this SGM equipment does when it works together as a system,” states Kerfeld. “I’m very satisfied with the technology, the returns and with SGM’s service and reliability.”

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