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Adams Steel deploys equipment made by SGM Magnetics throughout its shredding systems to maximize its metal recovery.

George Adams and his com- pany Adams Steel run a wide variety   of  obsolete   scrap through shredding plants in Anaheim and Bakersfield, Calif., with the goal of harvesting a number of market- able shredded scrap streams.

For the past several years, George has increasingly trusted equipment made by SGM Magnetics to ensure that  both the maximum amount of metal is recovered and that the max- imum value is obtained after  auto- mated, high-tech sorting occurs.

Equipment made by SGM has helped Adams Steel upgrade its already impressive operations in both cities so that each shredding plant is capturing all of its shredded metal and separating the nonferrous portion for maximum market value.

The company has put its faith— and its capital equipment budget— into SGM Magnetics over the course of the past several years. By George Adams’ count, the company now runs more than  two  dozen pieces of SGM equipment at its two large shredding plants in Anaheim and in Bakersfield.

SGM’s magnetic equipment models have proven so impressive to Adams Steel that, much as with a notable potato chip brand, it has been unable to stop at just one. According to George, Adams Steel runs four SGM drum magnets in both cities, multiple SGM eddy currents at both plants, multiple DSRPs for further ferrous harvesting and finally mul- tiple induction sensor units at both plants  to maximize the  recovery of stainless steel scrap.

Why such a strong  commitment to SGM? “The motivating purpose is to get all the metal out, starting with the steel and running through to the stainless steel that  is detected  by the sensors,” says George.
George says SGM’s superior performance starts with its drum magnets, which he calls “the  strongest out there.” SGM drum magnets and DSRP ferrous magnets fully harvest the iron and steel scrap, which not only maximizes the  return  on that commodity, but also sets up the re- maining stream for optimal nonferrous recovery.
& ldquo;In order to get the full return on SGM’s high-performance eddy currents and stainless steel sensors, you need to get all the steel out, and the DSRPs do exactly that,” says George.
Additionally, SGM backs up its equipment  with support  that starts at the top with Managing Director Didier Haegelsteen. “Didier  is very passionate  about  magnets,”  notes George.

Running two high-volume shred- ding and sorting plants is no easy task, so George Adams is glad SGM is there to help. “SGM  is definitely a first-class company,” he remarks. “Their magnets and downstream equipment make our shredders more profitable.”

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